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An optimized experience through fitness.

A complete fitness and nutrition solution to align with your lifestyle and keep improving your fitness for years.

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OPEX is more than just an hour in the gym. It's an individualized fitness + lifestyle prescription that moves with your life.

Based on science and designed for the busy lifestyle of today, it's the clearest path from where you are to where you want to go.

What is OPEX?
OPEX Fort Wayne

Is OPEX right for you?

Our coaches will help guide your experience, not force you into theirs. Everybody is unique, with different wants and needs. The beauty of the OPEX Experience is that your coach designs your fitness experience to make sure that you are aligned to enhance your life in and out of the gym.

OPEX Fort Wayne Process
Support and guidance from a professional

Creating plans for yourself can feel overwhelming or impossible. We'll focus on the path so you focus on the progress.

OPEX Fort Wayne Process
Balance fitness and nutrition with lifestyle

Every OPEX Coach works with their clients to better understand what keeps them healthy, happy, and fulfilled in and outside of the gym.

OPEX Fort Wayne Process
Personalized plan to look, feel and perform better

The routine you have now just is not producing the results you were hoping for. Our method gives you consistent and maintainable ongoging results.

OPEX Fort Wayne

What we offer

  • Private Personal Training
    Level up with Private Personal training. Get undivided attention from your personal trainer to take you to the next level.

  • X Stretch
    10 sessions with a certified stretching professional. We help you gain mobility, flexibility and range of motion through a combo of passive, active, dynamic and static stretching.

  • Rehab
    So you “graduated” from Physical Therapy and want to continue to progress and get better but don’t know what to do in the “gym”. We bridge that gap for you, meet you where you are at and get you where you want to go.

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