COO. Certified Athletic Trainer. When she is not coaching, she’s a full time wife, mother and fitness athlete. Her 10+ years of experience and service as a certified athletic trainer, healthcare professional, personal trainer and coach at all levels has allowed her to help others live a fulfilled life, inside and outside of the gym.

Allee has found a desire and passion to understanding fitness through assessment, testing, injury prevention, rehabilitation, programming and more. She loves connecting with her clients and empowering them through fitness which ripples into all aspects of life. She has had many years of experience as an athlete from early childhood into adulthood, from playing collegiate volleyball and performing strength and conditioning/rehabilitation programs, to short and distance running, to tower climbing. She considers herself a hybrid because she likes a good mix of it all to fit into her lifestyle!

Allee believes that it is never too late to get started and there is so much potential through purposeful movement and healthy habits!

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